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Call Me Penny Pickleberry

"A must-have for all children!"

And that’s when it started . . . the inside-out squeezing, pulsing, whirly feeling in Penelope’s belly. 
Meet Penelope Pickleberry, first-grader extraordinaire. Penelope can do lots of things, like pack her own snack and tie her shoelaces in under thirty seconds. But Penelope has one huge problem—Nelly, the negative voice in her head that tells her about bad things that might happen. 
At the final game of the soccer season, Nelly’s I-just-can’t message is getting louder. Luckily, Penelope also has Penny, the positive, confidence-boosting voice inside her that tells her to be brave and persevere. Will Nelly win the battle? Or will Penny’s words of encouragement prove more powerful? 
This fun and relatable picture book helps kids manage childhood anxiety by learning to quiet their negative self-talk and listen to their own Penny, the inner voice that fills them with the courage to conquer everyday obstacles. 
Includes “A Guide for Shushing Your Nelly”— practical tips to help children overcome anxious thoughts.

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Call Me Penny Pickleberry

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Call Me Penny Pickleberry

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In Call Me Penny Pickleberry, Penelope learns to reframe her thoughts and overcome negative thought patterns even, and especially, when faced with disappointment. This fun and relatable picture book helps kids manage childhood anxiety and listen to the inner voice that fills them with the courage to conquer everyday obstacles.

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Kitty O'Meara, Named Poet Laureate of the Pandemic by O, Oprah Magazine

Call Me Penny Pickleberry is a gift for any child struggling with anxiety. Grana's sensitive and charming story empowers children to become their own cheerleaders. And the inclusion of simple practices for reorienting negative thoughts and supporting self-confidence is invaluable. A must-have book for school libraries!

Children's thoughts are the window through which their feelings see the world. This book demonstrates this reality in a fun and engaging manner and helps teach children the importance of talking to themselves like their own best friend while also modeling how to accept our own imperfections. This is a very timely book and is highly recommended.

Dr. Jonathan Dalton, Director of the Center for Anxiety and Behvavioral Change

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5-Star Amazon Reviews

A literal game changer for my daughter who struggles with anxiety.
A superb book that explains big feelings in a way that kiddos can understand.
This book is a must for all families.

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